The business benefits of data visualization

24 september 2021
The business benefits of data visualization

Modern companies try to gather as much information possible around all types of interactions with their product or service to understand customer needs and concerns about their target market. Therefore, this is important in the optimization process of growth companies.

Using this data, organizations can successfully make decisions in order to improve performances. To gain relevant insights into data, it is important for a company to engage in data visualization. Nowadays, SME-companies are familiar with the concept of 'data analytics' but they are struggling with the conversion of raw data into valuable dashboards. It is only, when companies get started with data visualization, that executives have the opportunity to learn from data. Data visualization ensures that raw data is comprehensible and visualized efficiently. It allows us to quickly understand data and discover patterns.

What makes data visualization so effective for companies?

Visual information makes people understand the story faster. In a business context, visualization facilitates internal reporting. The goal is that a decision maker within a company can make and adjust decisions faster than if the data were presented in spreadsheets or in the form of textual reports. Companies must consider business strategies and objectives. Using data visualization, performance can be charted conveniently.

So, what are the benefits?

The advantages of data visualization are diverse. Below you will find an overview and explanation of some of the most important advantages for modern companies.

  • More efficient communication
  • Accurate analysis
  • The ability to act quickly
  • Identifying patterns
  • Better performing employees
  • Spotting errors
  • Discovering market trends
  • Attractive presentations

More efficient communication

Visualizing data allows you to get the message across quicker to stakeholders such as shareholders, employees, managers, etc. As humans, we process visual information 60.000 times faster than text. You could therefore argue that the human brain is made to work with visual information. The future of business communication is visual.

Accurate analysis

Data visualization eases to analyze reports in detail. Sales figures, product data, customer data, marketing strategies, and other key performance indicators can be summarized with a simple visual. Stakeholders can thus more quickly gain insights into the current situation and immediately focus on the issues that require attention. This increases productivity and speeds up the internal operations of the organization.

The ability to act quickly

The strengths and weaknesses of the company can be discovered immediately. A good and clear insight into data ensures that action can be taken fast, and that employees can focus on the things that matter. Today, companies lose a lot of time due to a lack of communication, poor internal reporting, or a lack of insight into data. By focusing on clear reporting using data visualization, these problems can be solved.

Identifying patterns

Data visualization can be used to analyze the relationship between complex data. Data visualization is more than just a handy tool to visualize things. It makes the data more meaningful, and you may look at things from a different perspective. Discovering underlying patterns is very important to accelerate efficiently and to create added value.

Better performing employees

If internal business reporting is done visually, employees will understand the bigger picture much better along with the threats the company is facing. This makes it much easier to focus on the essence of what needs to be achieved. Often, communication between different departments is difficult. Clear visuals ensure that it is easier to brief employees over various departments.

Spotting errors

Erroneous analyses and data are detected much faster when the data are visualized. In this way, incorrect data can be removed from the set and problems can be solved. 

Discovering market trends

With the help of data visualization, you can discover the latest trends in your company or market. Consequently, you can optimize your product or service, improve customer experience, and discover problems before they even happen.

Attractive presentations

A final bonus is that the visualizations can also have external purposes. For example, it is possible to use the visuals in presentations, on the website, in brochures, etc. This can, for example, help to convince investors. Working with visual data often creates a professional impression.

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